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Many of you probably won't feel sorry to hear what happens to those who are rich enough to own (modern) Rolls-Royce. The brand's customers have indeed learned very bad news. It concerns those who drive a modern Rolls-Royce, who live in the European Union, and who had chosen the illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy in the options. Here's what's going on …

The statuette that adorns the end of the hood of the Rolls-Royce has always been no longer available. At least more when it is transparent and backlit. Worse yet, the illuminated ornament must be removed from any Rolls-Royce that is currently equipped with it!

The cause of this strange decision is that the illuminated sculpture does not comply with the new European regulations on light pollution. After disconnecting it, Rolls will reimburse owners for the option price and replace the famous Flying Lady with a silver Spirit of Ecstasy. Note that this only applies to EU vehicles, and that models from other countries remain free to illuminate their statuette at night!

“In February 2019, we sent our dealers a newsletter saying that we are removing the option of Illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy. That it should no longer be sold to customers. It has been removed from the option list.”, a Rolls-Royce spokesperson told the Daily Mail. "Unfortunately, we tell our customers that we are required by law to disconnect their Spirit of Ecstasy."

What isn't clear is what happens if owners simply don't take their Rolls-Royce to a dealership to pick up the illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy. It's hard to imagine the police stopping someone in a Phantom just because the statuette continues to sparkle at the end of the hood.

This option is therefore obviously not available on the last Rolls-Royce to join the range, the new Ghost. It now runs on the dedicated Rolls-Royce Architecture of Luxury platform and has a new suspension system for an even smoother ride. To know everything about this new Ghost, it's here!

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