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Lunaz is the English retrofitting specialist. Increasingly noticed trend, consisting in electrifying beautiful old ones. Based in Silverstone, temple of motorsport and breeding ground for geniuses from prestigious brands such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, or McLaren. It's serious here, since the catalog already offers a Bentley S2 Flying Spur, Jaguar XK120 and today the Rolls-Royce Cloud in addition to the Phantom V.

Sacrilege to distort such jewels of automotive history, ignoring the exhilarating sound of their mechanics, only to hear silence? Maybe … But you have to live with the times and electrification allows these beauties to be used again on a daily basis, as at the time and without the constraints of limited use, linked to antipollution standards.


More than 480 km of autonomy

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Rolls-Royce Phantom V by Lunaz

Photo Credit – Lunaz

Obviously before even talking about engine modification, Lunaz is tackling the restoration of these masterpieces of the last century. Completely boned first, the Phantom V is then rebuilt with the finest materials such as alpaca wool, which is rarer than cashmere. It was then modernized in its equipment with the integration of a multimedia system with navigation, screens for the rear passengers, multi-zone air conditioning or a fridge for Champagne. Or something else, for that matter, Lunaz will ask you when ordering to specify your favorite beverage to include a few bottles on board.

The counter unit and the gearbox control have of course been modified to be compatible with the electric heart which replaces the V8 6.2 of yesteryear. Lunaz does not provide more details on the performance than the autonomy of the Phantom 100% EV (yes that's funny), announced at more than 480 km, thanks to a strong battery pack of 120 kWh. The latter are compatible with fast charging stations.

Only 30 copies will be produced, for a unit price of 556,000 euros excluding taxes. Too expensive ? In this case, it would have been possible to opt for the Rolls-Royce Cloud, also available for retrofitting, for the modest sum of 390,000 euros excluding tax, if all models were not already sold.

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