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Rolls-Royce only partners with the best, of which Kengo Kuma is one since he is one of the most fashionable architects in Japan. He recently designed the new luxury residence “The Kita” located in the Kitasando district of central Tokyo, commissioned by real estate developer Westbank. The Bespoke Dawn produced in this context by the eponymous department is thus supposed to make the link between the world of the automobile and that of architecture. Gavin Hartley, Head of Custom Design at Rolls-Royce, said: “It has been an honor to collaborate with Kengo Kuma to create an elegant and timeless automobile paired with an equally elegant and timeless building.” The huge luxury convertible will be reserved for the exclusive use of the owner of the unique multi-level penthouse, “The Kita Tea House”, which sits atop the recently completed residence.

Japanese atmosphere

Rolls Royce partners with Kengo Kuma to create a bespoke Dawn - Rolls-Royce partners with Kengo Kuma to create a bespoke Dawn - AutonewsStart the slideshow
Rolls-Royce Bespoke Dawn by Kengo Kuma | The pictures of the luxury convertible

Rolls-Royce Bespoke Dawn by Kengo KumaPhoto Credit – Rolls-Royce

Kengo Kuma creates modern and sober buildings that upset the relationship between interior and exterior, a style that is perfectly represented in the “The Kita” residence. The Dawn convertible thus served as an ideal base to make the connection with the atmosphere desired by the architect, since the thick fabric of the retractable roof allows to enjoy a royal silence on board when it is closed, or when full. air when opened.

The British automaker’s exclusive Bespoke department worked on recommendations from Kuma-san and Westbank to ensure that the overall styling of the vehicle reflects “The Kita” residence in terms of materials, color scheme, texture and atmosphere. Bespoke Dawn thus takes on a Silver Haze shade, which evokes the silvery gray of the main structural materials of the building. The matching gray soft top gives the car unity when closed, all underlined by a discreet hand painted black line. The famous British convertible top cover, inspired by the wooden deck of yachts, is in natural open-pore Royal Walnut paneling. The understated, delicately lacquered surface of the dashboard inside sports a stylized silhouette of the building facing the front passenger. The clock and the umbrellas in the doors have also been personalized.

Unique model, this vehicle is therefore reserved for the owner of the largest apartment in the residence, who will not be disoriented by going from his huge penthouse behind the wheel of his 5.29-meter-long convertible. Remember that this exceptional car is powered by a V12 6.6 biturbo of 570 hp for a torque of 820 Nm and that it is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.0 seconds despite a mass of more than 2.5 tons. Its call price for the “standard” version is set at around € 360,000, excluding the Rolls-Royce Bespoke personalization program.