ROLLS-ROYCE lowers its annual flight hours forecast for its engines –


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ROLLS ROYCE lowers its annual flight hours forecast for its engines - ROLLS-ROYCE lowers its annual flight hours forecast for its engines -

(AOF) – The end of the tunnel is still a long way off for Rolls-Royce. Indeed, the British engine manufacturer has just lowered its forecasts for the flight hours of its aircraft engines for 2021. These should represent 55% of the level reached in 2019, against a previous forecast of 70%. This will affect the group’s cash generation to the tune of £ 2 billion. This lowering of forecasts is linked to the current spread of the Covid-19 pandemic (with the appearance of new variants) and to the restrictive measures taken to contain it.


Fundamentals of global growth that remain

The current crisis would not permanently call into question the fundamentals of global growth in air transport, which should return to a rate of 4% per year on average over the next twenty years. This should ensure a doubling of the number of air passengers over the period, as well as a near doubling of the global fleet, which would reach 48,400 planes in 2039.

Medium-haul single-aisle planes, such as Airbus A320 and Boeing 737, will still represent the bulk of demand, with 32,270 deliveries scheduled over twenty years. A forecast almost identical to that of 2019. Asia, in particular China, will host most of the world fleet (almost 40% against 30% currently).


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