Rolls-Royce illuminated emblem illegal according to Europe –

Rolls Royce illuminated emblem illegal according to Europe - Rolls-Royce illuminated emblem illegal according to Europe -

Europe has ruled that Rolls-Royce's illuminated "Spirit of Ecstasy" emblem is illegal, due to light pollution on the road. The manufacturer had withdrawn it from the catalog, but customers already delivered must have their emblem disconnected.

We turn everything off! Europe sometimes has funny fields of action in the automobile: the famous backlit emblem of Rolls-Royce, which adorns the end of the huge hood of the brand's cars, has been banned by Brussels, which considers that this is an element that promotes "light pollution". Since 2019, Rolls-Royce has therefore withdrawn this option (at 4000 €) from the catalog, but there remains one problem: customers already delivered. This emblem was offered on most models (Cullinan, Dawn, Wraith, Ghost and Phantom), and owners who have this emblem should simply deactivate it.

Customers receive a letter asking them to go to a concession, and in compensation, they will be entitled to a refund of the option, a replacement of the emblem with a silver plated version or a choice of a additional option for their car in a value close to that of the luminous Spirit of Ecstasy.

However, it will be necessary to see if Europe looks at other similar cases: German manufacturers have indeed worked in recent months on bright logos (Audi) or outright grilles (BMW).

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