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Basically, there is no difference between the classic definition and the one Rolls-Royce wants to give. But we understand that a brand that operates in a different world than all the others has the coquetry to make the difference. Because it is indeed not with just any SUV that the rich owners will travel the muddy paths of their domain, or will go to inspect… their oil wells in the middle of the desert.


So the Cullinan is not just any SUV, and this is not just any Cullinan. This is the Black Badge, a label introduced in the Rolls-Royce range to appeal to a younger, more urban clientele, and a bit rebellious. In these versions, everything is less classic: the chrome and the Flying Lady adorning the hood are blackened, the rims are black and aggressive, the interior wood finishes are replaced by elements that use carbon in a new way, more artistic and more industrial. And the color palette offered for leather upholstery is more “funky”. Do you want purple, or yellow like in the pictures? No problem. And we can swear to you that the result is perfect!

Make no mistake: the Black Badge treatment is a way of making the Rolls less traditional, without denying the tradition of extreme refinement of the brand, a tradition that you feel the second you take your seat in edge. The interior is obviously a cocoon that flatters all the senses and envelops you in softness. Sweetness is also the word that prevails in driving, because from the steering wheel to the gearbox or turn signal controls, including the air conditioning adjustment knobs, everything is delicately and sensually unmatched in the automotive world. The Cullinan asserts its "Rollsitude" even in its acceleration. Imagine that under the hood there is a twin-turbo 600 horsepower V12. In any car claiming this power, the maximum acceleration is wild. Here, even if the 0 to 100 km / h is shot in 5.2 seconds, the acceleration is subtle, elegant.

In short, this is a Rolls-Royce in all glory. With the difference that when the owner of a Black Badge takes his Cullinan to the top of a hill, and he deploys the “Viewing Suite” seats in the trunk to admire the panorama, he will not put on a Mozart background, but a best-of from the Clash. And he will say that this moment is well worth some 380,000 €!

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