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The Rolls Royce UltraFan will be even larger than the GE9X of the Boeing 777X. Current biggest aircraft engine to the world and its 3.40 m in diameter will indeed soon be surpassed by this developing reactor. The UltraFan will have a blower diameter of 3.55 m, unheard of.

The reactor certainly does not yet exist and is currently only a technological demonstrator. But the production of its gigantic blades has just started in Bristol in the United Kingdom. They are made up of hundreds of layers superimposed on a skilful blend of carbon fiber and resin. Each reactor fan will have 18 blades in total. Two more than General Electric's.

Rolls Royce plans the first ground tests of the engine next year (2021). Then come tests on the Rolls-Royce flying test bench, a Boeing 747. With its UltraFan, the British engine manufacturer hopes to give birth by the end of the decade to a new reactor for long-haul aircraft. Since 2018, Airbus collaborates with Rolls Royce on the project for this new engine which must be even better than those of today. Because the larger the aircraft engine, the less it consumes and pollutes. Since the 1950s, the size of airliner engines has grown steadily. Their diameter has even more than doubled between 1965 and today.

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