Road trip in Sweden: interview with Robin Page, Volvo Design Director –

For the past few days, Caradisiac has published numerous articles devoted to Volvo and carried out as part of a great winter road trip that allowed the editorial staff to reach Paris in Gothenburg. A week-long and 3,000 km course carried out in early December in varied and often difficult conditions, in order to gauge the qualities and faults of the models in the range as well as possible.

Why Volvo? Simple. Yesterday considered a bit boring, this manufacturer has the wind in its sails and beats its sales records every year on a global scale. In France, it thus exceeded the 20,000 registration mark in 2019, beating the record established in 1986 with 19,260 registrations;

Volvo is therefore a manufacturer that counts in the high-end segment. It owes it to several factors, and in particular to its capacity for innovation, its increasingly assertive security positioning (the new Volvos marketed in the course of 2020 will now be limited to 180 km / h) and its more "green" approach. "than average (soon abandoning diesel and electrification which is becoming more widespread).

But these efforts would be useless without a beautiful design. However, the brand has managed to reinvent itself on this point, with models with clearly more sensual lines than in the past. And if the Volvo cares about form as much as substance, they also owe it to a man, the British Robin Page.

After a journey that led him to work at Rolls-Royce, Bugatti or Bentley, the man joined Volvo in 2013 with the main mission of re-creating the interior design codes of the models in the range. He is now Senior Vice President of Design for Volvo Cars, and therefore has the upper hand in defining the cars of tomorrow. Now discover his interview on video.

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