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Echoes of an internal war in Ferrari's technical department are thus reported by Alberto Sabbatini, the respected editor-in-chief ofAutosprint, in the "Pit Talk" podcast.

According to the transalpine journalist, there would be friction at the highest operational level in Scuderia between team principal Mattia Binotto and his second, technical director Simone Resta.

The latter, designer in charge of the poor SF1000, had been seconded to Sauber as part of the partnership with Alfa Romeo in 2018 before being recalled dare-dare to Maranello where some felt that Binotto could not take on both hats. of team leader and technical boss.

“We had seen differences of opinion at Ferrari in the past, but with the difference that it was when everything was going well, Sabbatini emphasizes. We feel that the tension is great internally and that the temptation to designate a culprit is inevitable given the current poor performance of the Scuderia. "

"I do not understand why Ferrari did not use its political weight to better manage the issue of engine development, he still regrets. In Montezemolo and Todt's time, this would not have happened because they would have deployed their charisma to lessen the penalty incurred. "

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