Rich Energy talks about McLaren, Brown cuts short on rumors –

Rich Energy has still been talked about on Twitter, putting a photo of the Haas motorhome with its logo, before adding the hashtag "McLaren", "Renault" and "Newdeal", or "new agreement".

An image and especially a legend that did not fail to react Zak Brown, president of McLaren, who was questioned about it in a press conference. The American has been very clear about what he thinks of Rich Energy and its director, William Storey, who seems to be linked to the brand again.

"Not at all" Brown assures the existence of a potential agreement. "I was sent this, and the guy clearly likes to draw attention to him, I did not talk to him, I will not talk to him, I think it's an attempt to advertise."

McLaren will soon see his contract with Petrobras come to an end, and Brown expects other sponsors for 2020. He also explains that Huski Chocolate, who sponsors McLaren since the offseason, will remain with the team despite an agreement that makes appear the mark on the Alfa Romeo in Austin.

"We have a long-term contract with them" says Brown, explaining that the agreement is mainly due to Finn Rausing, co-owner of Sauber, and therefore Alfa Romeo, with Pascal Picci.

"Finn Rausing and the owner of Huski are from the same country, and they do business together, so there is an existing relationship here, they have a lot of people here this weekend and they wanted some extra exposure."

A statement that did not please William Storey, the whimsical leader of Rich Energy, who was probably behind the first tweet and was strongly against the denial of Brown.

"We ask Zak Brown to clarify his remarks and apologize for his false statement" he started. "Our CEO has met him many times to discuss agreement with his club and many races this year."

Difficult to unravel the truth from the wrong in all this, but given the past of each of the two men, we would be more likely to believe Zak Brown than William Storey in this war of declarations.

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