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Daniel Ricciardo was impressed with McLaren's performance at Monza. Carlos Sainz qualified third and finished second, while Lando Norris, sixth on the grid, finished the race just off the podium.

"They looked good. I think they were second and third before the neutralization, so maybe they could have had an even better day." Ricciardo notes. "They had the beat all weekend."

“I knew they would be competitive here but I didn't expect the performances they showed not only on Sunday but also on Saturday. They found something here. It's encouraging for them, it's a big one. result."

The future driver of the British team saw for himself the ease of the McLaren on the Italian track: "I didn't have Lando directly in front of me, but he was in front of (Sergio) Pérez and (Valtteri) Bottas, so I got to see him a bit."

"And I would say in the faster corners I feel like everyone is a little bit stronger, which is an area where we are lacking a bit right now. And that seems like a strength of McLaren today."

Ricciardo recently explained that Renault could adopt a lower downforce on many circuits, as the result had been positive at Spa-Francorchamps, and said that this advantage was impossible to find at Monza, where no one had any downforce.

“I think we managed to get a low downforce car to run at Spa. We had fewer ailerons than almost everyone, with obviously bigger gains in sectors 1 and 3, without massive losses in the sector. 2. "

The RS20’s lack of downforce is felt especially in the big curves: “At Monza everyone had low downforce so our gains on the straights were much smaller. Of course cars with more downforce are better.”

“During the race I felt like we were pretty good at low speed and braking. In the corners and chicanes I felt I was competitive when I was behind Pérez or behind Bottas. But I felt that where they were leading was Ascari and the Parabolica. Just those high speed corners, that's where they got ahead of us. "

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