Ricciardo spoke with Ferrari before signing at McLaren – Le Figaro

This Thursday, Daniel Ricciardo confessed to CNN Sports to have had discussions with Ferrari on a possible transfer in the Italian team of Formula 1 before opting for McLaren. The Australian driver is of Italian origin and has long been considered an obvious target for Ferrari, the oldest and most prestigious team. Finally, Ferrari chose Spaniard Carlos Sainz of McLaren to replace four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel alongside Charles Leclerc for 2021. “There were already discussions a few years ago. And this has continued until now. I will not deny it. But of course, it never really materialized, ”said Ricciardo. The 30-year-old admitted that Sainz (25) was a good candidate for Ferrari and described the Spaniard as "a bit of a hot property right now." Sainz finished last season sixth in the general classification. Ricciardo, seven-time winner of the race with Red Bull, had a difficult season at Renault with a fourth place best result last year. Ricciardo went back over his relationship with McLaren which is not new: "Discussions with McLaren go back to even before, I suppose, 2018, and I suppose it has continued over time."

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