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Daniel Ricciardo says Renault's improved pace in Formula 1 has left him with no doubts about his move to McLaren next year.

As part of the pre-season drivers' merry-go-round that took place after Ferrari decided not to renew Sebastian Vettel's contract, Ricciardo was signed by McLaren to replace Carlos Sainz Jr.

Ricciardo’s decision to commit to McLaren before he even drove this year's Renault car left his team leader Cyril Abiteboul disappointed at the time.

Renault has made decent steps forward with its car since then, especially since the Belgian Grand Prix, and it is just seven points behind McLaren in a close fight for third place in the Constructors' Championship.

And while knowing how good this year's Renault car may have given Ricciardo much to think about had he not made a commitment to McLaren, the Australian is still happy with the appeal he made. .

“Obviously, no disrespect towards Renault, and where I am now, but no, I don't regret it,” he said. “Am I happy to see us progress? Absolutely.

“If that means we have Renault as a competitor next year to push McLaren further, then I think it's good for everyone. So no, I don't regret it.

“But I'm not unhappy with the progress either. I want to race at the forefront, and obviously every race in F1 is so important. So every chance I get to do that, you know, the sooner the better.

“I'm happy that we're making progress and I feel a part of it, which is important to me too, and I guess my growth as a driver. "

Ricciardo and Renault have not let the movement of Australian McLaren influence their work this year, and the team have continued to be open in their technical discussions.

It’s a decision that Ricciardo praised, as he is still doing his best to get a podium in 2020.

"The team didn't exclude me from anything," he said. “I did simulator and stuff, so it's been really good working with them – and I know bittersweet for sure.

“Especially so that some of the guys on the team know that I can't continue after this year. But I'll give it a boost until the last day. "

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