Since the announcement of the recruitment of Daniel Ricciardo by McLaren, fans of Woking (United Kingdom) expect the facetious Australian to form a sacred duo of comedians with his new teammate, the no less joker Lando Norris.

In an interview with Sky Sports F1, Ricciardo however insisted on declaring that he was not joining the British team, 3rd in the last Manufacturers’ Championship, with the idea of ​​putting on a show.

I want to repeat it to everyone, especially McLaren fans, this will not be a comedy show, hammered the former Renault driver with a smile. I’ll be there for work. I will be there to improve the car.

My personality is not going to change and I will continue to appreciate what I love but I am not going there to form a couple of kings of internet hijackings or whatever expression we use these days “.

McLaren lovers rest assured, Ricciardo’s ambitions will surely not prevent him from relieving the pressure from time to time with his new sidekick Norris.