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Lévisiens demonstrated their great spirit of solidarity in November, whether because of the whims of Mother Nature or in order to support causes they hold dear to their hearts.

Levis hit hard by the winds
November, 1st

The windstorm that hit Quebec on November 1 did not spare Lévis. Several thousand Levis customers of Hydro-Quebec were deprived of electricity for several hours due to weather conditions, particularly in the west of the city.

Several Lévisiens were deprived of electricity for several days, which forced the City of Lévis to open a reception center for the victims. The weather caused so many incidents on November 1 that the call center of the Lévis Police Service (SPVL) was inundated with requests. The municipality even had to ask citizens to contact the police only for urgent situations.

The new Sports Experts opens its doors
November 6

After months of work, the new Sports Experts store at Galeries Chagnon is opening its doors. Previously located near the Chez Ashton restaurant, the store is moving its house on the ground floor of the former Sears store in the Lévis shopping center. Occupying over 50,000 square feet and building on a "renewed customer experience", the Sports Experts des Galeries Chagnon is now the chain's largest boutique in eastern Quebec.

The Old Lévis Christmas Market canceled
November 8

The 2019 edition of the Vieux-Lévis Christmas Market, scheduled for December, has been canceled. Journal sources say it is because of the departure of the two permanent employees of the Old Lévis Development Corporation, one of the organizations behind the event, that the event cannot take place. This departure was caused by the restructuring of the revitalization organizations in the old Lévis districts.

Later in November, the Lehouillier administration announced that a single organization will now be responsible for this development component in Lévis. The organization focused primarily on business development. To replace the Christmas Market, traders from Old Lévis finally united to create the Holiday Rally.

10 years for the Karaoke Challenge
November 8

A flagship fundraising activity for the Littoral Palliative Care Home (MSPL), the Karaoke Challenge is holding its 10th edition at the Lévis Convention and Exhibition Center. The approximately 550 people present were able to attend 30 musical performances while encouraging a good cause. In fact, the 10th edition raised more than $ 245,000 for the MSPL.

The City presents its next investments
November 18

City Council adopts the City of Lévis' three-year capital investment program (PTI) for the years 2020-2021-2022 valued at $ 401.2 million. Among the main projects, the municipality plans to invest $ 53 million for the construction of its new police station, $ 71.3 million for water and sewer work and $ 54 million for paving and street repair. , curbs and sidewalks.

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