Retro: 320 km / h in Ferrari F40 on highway –

A little over ten years ago, a Ferrari F40 owner had fun testing the performance of his supercar on the highway. He managed to hang on 320 km / h without particularly forcing.

The Ferrari F40 is not a car like the others, it is a legendary car which aimed to celebrate a mythical anniversary. Indeed, it was ordered by Enzo Ferrari to mark the 40th anniversary of the brand. It had the heavy task of succeeding the 288 GTO.

Its history begins in 1984 when Enzo Ferrari launched the "Evoluzionne" study program for the Ferrari 288 GTO. He wanted to compete with the Porsche 959 Group B. After three years of work, the car was presented in July 1987 on the Fiorano circuit by Enzo Ferrari himself. The F40 is at its exit, the most powerful and efficient sports car in the history of the automobile.

A V-max fixed at 324 km / h

His V8 inclined at 90 degrees force-fed by two turbos develops the trifle of 478 horsepower and 577 Nm of torque. Power that allows it to drive at more than 320 km / h, 324 to be precise.

Even if this video is more than 10 years old, we decided to share it with you, in case you missed it. The feeling of speed behind a screen is already impressive. We do not even imagine what it must give on board this mechanical monster.

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