Rémy Filliozat, pioneer of humanist psychology

Rémy Filliozat was a pioneer of humanist psychology, a recognized educator, passionate about neurosciences and culture. He has dedicated his long career to the development of human values ​​in the fields of education, health, wellness and psychotherapy. Particularly sensitive to the suffering of children victims of violence, he has devoted his life as a psychologist to education. He denounced ordinary educational violence before the term existed.

A deeply wounded child, Rémy regained meaning in life thanks to the Zellidja foundation, where he won the first prize twice, in 1949 and 1951. He was thus able to undertake trips, first in the Vercors, then a trip to bike that takes him to Holland, Belgium and finally Switzerland. There, on the shores of Lake Geneva, there are several months left to work on the organization of child protection. Thanks to this stay, he discovered his vocation as an educator.

After studying psychology, he worked in several Parisian hospitals (Salpêtrière, Sick Children, Sainte-Anne) as a clinical psychologist. He took part in various research missions, then joined the Publicis agency as director of studies. Passionate about graphics, he decided to create the Graphorm agency, an adventure that ended after four years.

In parallel with his activities, he discovered Transactional Analysis. Immediately seduced by the power and simplicity of this approach, based on the use of drawings and diagrams, he decided to make it known in France. With some friends, he founded the IFAT and invited American psychotherapists for training. Tenors of Transactional Analysis and other therapies that developed in the 1970s (Gestalt, bioenergy, Touch for health, PNL, etc.) followed one another, allowing the dissemination of these approaches in France.

With his wife, Anne-Marie Filliozat, he offered numerous internships and training courses from the start of the 1980s. In a space he designed with passion at 35 rue de Coulmiers, he welcomes many therapists and workers from all over the world. . Until almost 77 years old, Rémy led "workshop 101" (initiation to Transactional Analysis), training in PRODAS, Gordon Active Listening or Visualization.

He loved nothing so much to initiate, to open eyes, minds and hearts. Passionate about beauty, poetry, design and modern dance, he frequented cultural venues, notably the Louvre Museum, the Châtelet theater and the Avignon Festival. He staged himself as the reciter of a poetic text: Bruit d'herbes.

Born June 6, 1931 in Paris, Rémy Filliozat passed away on Sunday April 19, shortly before his 89 years. He will be buried in Père Lachaise cemetery on September 1, 2020 (2:30 p.m., entrance rue des Rondeaux).

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