As the Great Annual Shelling Cycle ™ ️ of a new version of iOS has just started, let’s take five minutes to measure past developments; after all, the iPhone operating system has been with us for 15 years! And what better way to look back at the past than to experience it on our little machines today.

Developer Zane has taken it upon himself to reproduce iOS 4 almost feature for feature (and in SwiftUI)! Offered as a free application to install with Airport or TestFlight (beware of the number of seats available), OldOS is really absolutely amazing. It works like hell, it’s very simple, it feels like 2010, the year of release of this version, the first to bear the name of iOS (instead of iPhone OS).

OldOS lets you view a map and calculate a route in Maps, take a photo, listen to music with the iPod app, surf the web, make a phone call, see the weather, change the wallpaper, wander the iTunes Store and the App Store, take a note… It looks like it, although several apps display error messages like YouTube or Messages (the developer is on the shot !).

The more nostalgic users who don’t have big needs may even consider “living” in this very successful clone of iOS 4. The icing on the cake is that OldOS is an open-source project and that anyone can take a look at the code to improve or modify it. The GitHub is available here.