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Despite the solid reputation of the Japanese manufacturer, not all Toyota models are benchmarks in reliability. The proof with the third generation of Yaris, now on the go.

No, Toyota doesn't always mean “no hassle”. In its version 1.0 VVT-i, the third Yaris of the name, which is still available in stock in many dealerships and remains abundant on the second-hand market, is noticed by premature wear of the clutch and high consumption. of oil. A fault that also affected the deceased 1.3 VVTi, also sometimes concerned by an inability to start up to the need to replace the engine. On the other hand, no mechanical problem to be deplored for the hybrid variant, the most popular of the range. The same cannot be said of the 1.4 D-4D diesel, which has been gone for a while now, which suffered from turbo failures leading to loss of power.

Buying an old Toyota Yaris: mistake or good idea?

Some electronic glitches

Electronics are not immune to criticism either, since this Yaris presents malfunctions of its USB sockets and of its automatic emergency braking, including on units manufactured recently, as well as sometimes capricious GPS for models prior to 2012. Leaks at the brake master cylinder have also been reported.

A finish far from references

The finish also appears less neat than on the new generation, which is just starting its career. The materials used in the passenger compartment are thus almost all of average quality and their fittings seem, in places, very fragile. Outside, it is the fragility of the painting that appeals to us and the shields that do not seem prepared to face the city. On this point, the Yaris clearly does not compete with the references of its segment.

Our opinion

If the problems of the previous Toyota Yaris are few, they seem disproportionate for a Toyota. Fortunately, most of them spare the hybrid version, which is also a buyer's favorite.

Reliability the main problems of the old Toyota Yaris - Reliability: the main problems of the old Toyota Yaris - the automobile magazine
The materials of this dashboard, in the Toyota Yaris, were not selected for their qualitative aspect.© Alex Krassovsky

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