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Italian to the end of the bumpers, the Alfa Romeo Giulia is not without its whims. But without being irreproachable, its reliability is not catastrophic.

For its return to the station wagon category, Alfa Romeo got its foot in the door a bit. Still, the launch of the Giulia has been delayed several times, officially to hone the tuning. The very rapid tire wear (in less than 20,000 km in some cases) is all the more incomprehensible, even if it is true that the incisive chassis of the beautiful can encourage a slightly dynamic driving and thus accentuate the phenomenon.

Engines without fuss

It is impossible to say the same for the persistence of untimely triggering of parking cameras. And while the bugs in the multimedia system have been fixed, many of you complain about the malfunctions of the electric trunk opener. This Italian is not without stories, but its mechanics at least have the merit of not being talked about for the moment.

Not always precise assemblies

A few months ago, the Giulia slightly improved its interior presentation. It was not an emergency because the materials used on board were already of good quality. It would have been better to look at the assemblies of the furniture as well as the reduction of certain clearances between the bodywork elements.

Our opinion

Starting from a completely blank page, Alfa Romeo engineers took the greatest risks. In the end, although the Alfa Romeo Giulia does not offer perfect reliability and build quality, it marks a huge improvement over many of its predecessors.

Reliability the main problems of the Alfa Romeo Giulia - Reliability: the main problems of the Alfa Romeo Giulia - l'Automobile Magazine
The dashboard of the Alfa Romeo Giulia has been recently revised.© Alex Krassovsky
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