The system provides for reimbursement of at least four consultations, up to a limit of € 60 per consultation. This measure concerns all persons covered, at the date of each session, by a complementary health insurance contract, individual and group, whether they are insured or have rights.

To benefit from it, the insured does not need a medical prescription before going to see a psychologist of his choice. However, in order to promote a comprehensive approach to the health of insured persons, it is desirable that these consultations be part of the care path for which the attending physician is the pivot. Thus, an attending physician or, failing that, another physician, can refer a patient to a psychologist.

Another condition: the psychologist must be registered in the ADELI directory (Automatisation DEs LIstes). This is a national information system which lists in particular the professionals covered by the public health code and those authorized to practice the profession of psychologist. The directory contains information (civil status, professional situation), as well as an ADELI number. If the therapist is not registered in this directory, the mutual insurance company will not reimburse the consultation.

To find out more, contact your mutual insurance company directly.