Xiaomi presented its very first smartphone in China gaming. Called Redmi K40 Gaming Edition, it features a MediaTek Dimensity 1200, an Amoled panel and retractable triggers. The whole will be marketed under 350 € after gross conversion.

After three Redmi K40s presented in February 2021, Xiaomi offers a new variation to its series. This is a smartphone gaming, the first for the Chinese firm, which therefore joins a market that is still quite discreet.

A rather shy model

Xiaomi’s first attempt in the smartphone world gaming remains fairly classic. The firm does not try to stand out from the competition, but that does not mean that its model is not worth a look. Indeed, it adopts a technical sheet able to stand up to its main opponents. The Redmi K40 is thus equipped with a 6.67-inch Amoled panel with Full HD + definition (2400 x 1080 pixels) with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. HDR 10+ support is present, as is the display 10-bit and 480Hz touch-sensitive sample rate.

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The sound part is signed JBL with support for Hi-Res Audio and Dolby Atmos. @ Xiaomi

On the back, Xiaomi opts for a design that will be reminiscent of car racing rather than video games, with a thick line crossing the entire back of the mobile. This also hosts the term Fighting in its center. The photo island is also housed at the back. Far from being as exuberant as the competition, it houses three photo modules, the main one of which is 64 megapixels. An 8 Mpx ultra wide-angle module, as well as a 2 Mpx macro module, accompany it. A lightning-shaped flash is present alongside the modules highlighted on both sides by a light strip. Xiaomi has chosen not to offer RGB LEDs on its smartphone in order to give it a more versatile side. However, the company does not forget that a light show is a good thing on a smartphone. gaming.

Still concerning the design, we note the presence of triggers placed on the right edge of the smartphone. They are retractable, like what we can find on the latest Black Sharks. To bring them out or in, just touch the locking latch which is on the same edge. The triggers are held in the phone by a system of magnets.

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The retractable triggers of the Xiaomi K40 Gaming Edition. @ Xiaomi

On the performance side, Xiaomi has opted for a MediaTek processor. The Dimensity 1200 is responsible for giving all the power to the smartphone, coupled with 6, 8 or 12 GB of RAM. In good model dedicated to video games, the firm does not forget its cooling system. She indicates that she used “Aerospace graphene” that we can find in rockets, just that. Xiaomi has also used graphite and a steam chamber to provide the best possible cooling for its device. The company has not integrated a fan, surely so as not to have to thicken the smartphone (only 8.3 mm), and no accessory fan has been announced. As for the battery, you have to rely on a 5065 mAh accumulator capable of recharging in 42 minutes thanks to its 65 W block. The charging cable will recall the MagSafe charger of old Apple MacBooks with its L shape.

The Redmi K40 Gaming Edition will be available in China from April 30, 2021. The starting price is set at around € 310 for the version with 6 + 128 GB. The largest 12 + 256 GB configuration is displayed at € 420. More than affordable prices for a smartphone gaming which we obviously hope to see land on our premises one day or another – perhaps by the summer under the name Poco. Because let us remember, the recent Poco F3 is none other than a Redmi K40 in Asia.

lazyload placeholder - Redmi K40 Gaming Edition: Xiaomi finally comes into play

A Bruce Lee edition is even available in China. @ Xiaomi