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Can we bake a euro cake? This is the question asked on September 29, the YouTuber and former candidate for the Best Pastry Chef Roxane Piana who on her channel L'Atelier de Roxane therefore provided the answer in a tutorial where as usual, not trying not to sell dreams, she let her sincerity express itself.

One euro cake: " It is not bad at all ! "

So, as she starts mixing water (yes water) with sugar and sunflower oil, there you go, " it doesn't make you want to at all "; then adding 300 g of flour and a sachet of yeast to the mixture, she notices the birth of a structure " not appetizing ”. But !

One euro cake: " We treat at least 6-8 people! "

The magic of pastry after having baked for 45 minutes at 180 degrees, this is Roxane " super surprise "Of the result even if obviously" this is not the cake of the year ". " For a 1 euro cake, I thought it wouldn't even be edible. It is not bad at all, she admits. We treat at least 6-8 people. It can be enjoyed for breakfast with icing sugar on it and soaked in milk or tea. ". We do not know you but we will gladly be tempted! Thank you Roxane!


  • 300 ml of water
  • 200 g sugar
  • 90 g of neutral sunflower-type oil
  • 300 g flour
  • 1 packet of dry yeast
  • Vanilla flavor (optional)


  • Preheat the oven to 180 ° C.
  • Butter a 24 cm diameter mold.
  • In a large bowl, pour the water. Add the sugar. Mix.
  • Add the oil, flour, then the sachet of baking powder, remembering to stir well between each ingredient.
  • Optional: add a little vanilla flavor (in this case, the budget of 1 euro will be exceeded).
  • Pour the mixture into the mold.
  • Bake for about 45 minutes (depending on the oven).

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