From containment to re-containment

Since last night, France has been re-defined. And if the news is not encouraging, far from it, we can try to see the glass half full, and concentrate on what feels good: the kitchen. During the first confinement as we have seen and experienced, many people took the path of the kitchen to improve their techniques – the chefs’ homemade bread for example was all the rage – to reproduce the easy cake of confinement, namely banana bread, or simply put in the kitchen for novices. A floating period that allowed many people to discover or rediscover this simple pleasure of working with ingredients, creating with their ten fingers this ephemeral art that brings together people from all walks of life. Because – not breaking news – everyone loves to eat. Most importantly, everyone is HAPPY to eat!

Cooking, eating, all of this brings happiness. And now that we are re-defined, it would be wrong to deprive ourselves of this simple pleasure.

Take your time in the kitchen

Since we are here now, why not take the opportunity to make recipes that we never have the time to make. Marinade too long; cooking that lasts for hours; brioche that has to grow, usually complicated preparations are not necessarily easy to include in a busy daily life. While these recipes are simply magnificent.

Leg of lamb to roast for long hours, salmon gravlax which must wait in the fridge for 24 hours, leopard brioche which requires several pushes, stews to be forgotten on the fire, yes, some recipes take time either because of a long preparation or because of the necessary rest time. This is also cooking, taking your time, letting the ingredients slowly diffuse their aromas, allowing bread or a brioche to rise gently, pushing the cooking process for extremely tender meats, etc.

And beyond the intrinsic gluttony of the dish or dessert, the more or less long wait, adds a little more to the pleasure of the realization.

Let’s take our time in the kitchen, we promise, it will never be a waste of time.