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Due to the pandemic, going on vacation is a matter that it must be taken much more seriously than before. So that this period of recreation does not end with bitter consequences, It is important to take into account several recommendations.

“We must plan these vacations responsibly. In addition to following the usual prevention advice that the health sector offers each year, during this summer we must apply certain recommendations such as those related to use of a mask, safety distance or hand washing, as well as other more specific ones for beaches, swimming pools, tourist routes or bar terraces. Carrying them out will not only reduce the possibility of contagion, it will also help us take care of our health and prevent other types of pathologies equally harmful to well-being. Possibly, many of these measures have come to stay, ”says Dr. María Sánchez to the website Hi! in a post.

The specialist, who belongs to the e-Health Medical Manager in Cigna, Spain, details a series of useful tips to take them into account when going on vacation:

Avoid crowds on the beach or pools

If our destination is a beach or we want to dive into a pool, we must pay attention to the capacity measurements and keep the distance of 2 meters.

It is recommended avoid the use of hydroalcoholic gel in them, for its possible damaging effect on the skin when it comes into contact with the sun. Its high percentage of alcohol, in combination with solar radiation, can cause burns, especially in the most sensitive skin.

Although neither sand nor water are a specific risk of contagion, the Spanish Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) points out that yes it is the agglomerations of people and the close contact that occurs in these places.

The ideal is to opt for small groups. Take into account personal objects, the surfaces where we place them and when returning home take a shower and wash the clothes that have been used.

Distance and disinfection

He 'Protocol for aquatic facilities for public use' of the Spanish Association of Professionals of the Swimming Pool Sector (Asofap) indicates that in the bathing areas greater care should be taken and try to maintain between 2 and 4 square meters of individual water space per person.

It is also recommended disinfect footwear and appliances that we use on the spot.

Meetings following the recommendations

If we are going to have a meeting, we must take into account each of the recommendations that the authorities have released: especially the minimum safety distance and the use of a mask.

Among other tips, do not chop from the same plate or use common tableware. If possible, use disposable material (paper tablecloths and napkins, plastic cutlery …). If common dishes are used, they must be washed with special care.

Sunbathe properly

Although excess sun is negative for our skin, it is necessary that we expose ourselves to it moderately to obtain vitamin D, which contributes to the strengthening of our immune system. Oily and fatty fish, eggs, dairy products or orange juice also contain it.

If we are outdoors it is important use sunscreen with a high factor, renewing it every 2 hours.

Traveling to another city

If we choose to travel to another city, the ideal will be do it in a private vehicle to avoid contact with other people, Even so, it is important to be careful, especially at tolls, gas stations or places where we stop to buy.

In case our trip is by plane, the best option is choose the window seat since, according to a recent study by Emory University, it is the one that has the least interaction with other travelers.

Regardless of the transport we choose, It will always be important to disinfect the surfaces where we will stay. (I)

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