Stuffed chicken, white blood sausage and potatoes.

For 6 persons

1 large free-range chicken (without giblets)

For the stuffing: 100 g of ground veal, 100 g of ground beef steak, 1 egg, 1 bunch of fresh tarragon, chopped (reserve a few branches for serving), 2 tbsp. to c. cumin grains, 2 chopped fresh onions or 2 chopped garlic cloves (optional). Salt, freshly ground pepper.

For the garnish: 2 candied lemons, 1 kg of small potatoes (Charlotte type), 6 small
(or 3 large) white sausages.


Mix all the stuffing ingredients, salt and pepper generously. Quickly sauté in the pan, so that the stuffing is hot and half-cooked. Stuff the cavity of the chicken, and put it on a baking sheet (without fat), placed on the sliced ​​candied lemons. Bake in a cold oven and light at 260 ° C.

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Roast the chicken for forty-five minutes, turning it once, then lower to 200 ° C. Surround the chicken with the potatoes, roast for another forty-five minutes, turning the chicken again. Once it is golden brown and cooked, remove the poultry and let it rest for ten minutes. Meanwhile, grill the black puddings in a pan. Cut the chicken into pieces, serve in a large dish garnished with the potatoes, grilled white pudding and sprinkled with fresh tarragon leaves.

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