SUCCESS – Marina, a former student in psychology, created the Twitter account “1 meal1euro”. It provides solutions there to allow students to eat a variety of foods at low cost. Already 45,000 subscribers follow it.

Marina did not expect to be so successful when she created the “1repas1euro” Twitter account. However, in barely two months, already nearly 45,000 subscribers follow it daily. “For example, the pan-fried briochette recipe is one of the most successful, and in fact a lot of people have done it again. very rewarding. If I can bring something useful, I see no reason to stop “, she explains in the TF1 report at the top of this article.

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Each day, the young woman spends an average of two hours preparing meals and calculating their cost. “I count absolutely everything I need, so for example how much oatmeal, how many eggs, how much milk for the week. Almost every time, the price of the basket exceeds what I get. was fixed so in fact, at that point, I have to look at which foods are the most expensive, remove them or substitute them “, she continues. Marina had started by posting photos of recipes on her Instagram account. To reach more people, she then decided to share them on Twitter. In a few weeks, the counters are racing.

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And for good reason, Marina offers simple recipes, to be made in small kitchens and with very little equipment. All, as the name of the Twitter account suggests, for 1 euro per meal and per person. All the recipes she publishes are tested by her. His cheese naans, his microwave cookies or his coffee verrine are a huge success and are retweeted several times. It also carries out weekly schedules called “mental anti-load”, which allow students not to worry about what they will eat tomorrow, to vary the pleasures and thus to concentrate on their studies. She draws all her ideas from cookbooks, ensuring the necessary caloric intake on a daily basis.

And Marina receives thanks from her followers, like Alisea, for whom the account is “A blessing”. Or Eric: “Thank you very much Marina, what you are doing is incredibly useful. Your account makes me want to stop misanthropy and regain faith in human beings.”.

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