Burger bun, minced beef steak, onions, white wine, a little brown sugar, crème fraîche, peasant bacon, farmhouse munster


To make the onion confit: stew the onions in a pan with the white wine and brown sugar

You cut your burger bun bought from your baker in half. On the bottom of the bread, you spread two to three spoons of crème fraîche, you put one or two strips of bacon on top, depending on the size, then the onion confit. Then you put everything in an oven at 150 ° for 2 to 3 minutes. During this time, you brown your chopped, blue or rare cooking steak. In a raclette grill or in the microwave, you melt a nice slice of farmhouse munster.

You take your bread out of the oven, you put the chopped steak, the melted munster and you close with the top of the burger bun.

Enjoy your meal.

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