Recipe: The fourme cake – France 3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes – France 3 Regions


– 40 gr of egg yolk
– 85 gr of sugar
– 20 gr of cornstarch
– 85 gr of milk
– 6 gr of lemon juice
– 100 gr silky tofu
– 100 gr of Fourme de Montbrison
– 2 sheets of gelatin
– 60 gr of egg whites
– 2 grams of fine salt
– 250 gr of blueberries
– 6 slices of gingerbread

In a saucepan, make a pastry cream with the yolks, sugar, starch and milk.
Cook over low heat, whisking until thickened.
Add the lemon juice, the silky tofu, the fourme and the softened and drained gelatin.
Mix to obtain a smooth cream.
Beat the egg whites and add to the cream very gently.
Cook the blueberries with a little sugar, then mix them and switch to Chinese to remove the grains.
Mold the cake machine in circles 7 cm in diameter, line with the gingerbread and let cool for 3 hours.
At the moment of serving, unmold them on a plate and top them with the blueberry coulis.

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