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A fish-based dish very popular in Romania and quite common in the east of the country. Know first that stuffed pike is a refined dish, the preparation of which can be quite tedious. It's not a dish for novice cooks, that's for sure. However, the stuffed pike, cut into rings, will be the star of any festive meal, served cold as a starter or hot as a main course. For a two-kilo pike you also need a smoked Black Sea shad, three eggs, three bunches of parsley, one onion, five cloves of garlic, a tin of tomato coulis, two spoonfuls of rice, a glass of semi-dry white wine, salt and freshly ground pepper.

Clean the pike and remove the scales, before starting to remove the skin, from the head to the tail. Also cut off the head. Be careful not to tear the skin of the pike. Bone the flesh and proceed in the same way with the smoked shad. Chop an onion into a brunoise and sauté it in a little sunflower oil in a non-stick pan. Add the rice and mix it with the onions, before pouring in a little water, or better a broth made with the heads of the pike. You will get a kind of risotto to which you have to add the fish flesh, finely chopped parsley and crushed garlic cloves. Let the stuffing rest a bit before adding the three beaten eggs. Add salt and pepper. Here, the stuffing is ready to be inserted into the skin of the pike.

At the end you have to tie it with kitchen wire or with parsley stems. Oil it with olive oil and sprinkle it with sea salt. Instead of the head you can put a lid made of a slice of potato. In a smaller saucepan, sauté a shallot and one or two cloves of garlic, before pouring in the tomato coulis and a glass of wine and if necessary a little fish broth. Salt and pepper this sauce before bringing it to a boil.

Place the fish in an oven-safe casserole dish and cover it with the sauce before placing it in the oven for about three quarters of an hour over medium heat, 180 degrees maximum. If you choose to serve the stuffed pike as a main course, you can also add a few potatoes to it in the casserole dish. Don't forget to bring a semi-dry white wine.

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