We chop the shallots and onions, and brown them in a very hot pan with a little butter.

Add the risotto rice and season with salt and raw pepper. We then deglaze with the white wine and add the broth. We wet at height. And we let the rice cook until it is al dente. We finish making it creamy with butter and Parmesan. We reserve.

We are going to cook our Saint Jacques, we season them, salt and pepper, and we roast them in a non-stick pan, 3 minutes of cooking on each side. We keep warm.

We make the emulsion with the heart of a massif, this tomme d’Alsace. We will heat in a saucepan half a liter of white chicken stock, salt and pepper, a small knob of butter and soy lecithin. If you don’t have one, use an egg yolk. Mix everything in a blender or with a hand blender until you get a nice foam.

We will prepare our risotto at the bottom of a deep plate, we put the roasted scallops on top, and the emulsion of the heart of the massif. Add a few rocket shoots, a turn of the pepper mill. Nice tasting

Listen again to the show this morning dedicated to risotto, in the company of Thony Billon, chef of the restaurant “the big trees” of the La Verte Vallée hotel complex in Munster