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When the heart tells him, the writer Anne Akrich cooks for us. This week, she tells the story and the recipe for chic and light pavlova.

"It is one of these recipes that sharpen national sensibilities and chauvinisms of all kinds. Take pavlova, this delicate soft meringue topped with whipped cream and fruit. Everyone agrees that it was invented in homage to a Russian ballerina , Anna Matveïevna Pavlova, who toured Oceania in the 1920s, but was it in Australia or New Zealand? Anthropologists, researchers and biographers of the dancer cannot agree. this quarrel does not prevent me from mounting the whites in snow, hypnotized by the movements of the spatulas. I imagine the head of a palace in Wellington and that of the Esplanade hotel in Perth to fight in duel to take the authorship of the dessert. I add the caster sugar to the sparkling whites and I finish my case by delicately incorporating icing sugar. I spread the meringue roughly on parchment paper and I cook it 1 h 30 at 125 ° C. Mountain e the whipped cream and sugar, which I spread no less coarsely over the meringue and I have the red fruits at the top. Here is what to end in beauty and lightness a festive meal. "

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dessert fetes une pavlova 100 vegetale - Recipe: Once upon a time Pavlova - Grazia France
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