This summer, RTL welcomes a chef every week who will reveal his culinary advice around an ingredient. This Tuesday, July 20, Matthias Marc, semi-finalist of season 11 of Top chef gives us his tips for cooking horseradish.

“This is a product of character and in a kitchen it is very important to have it “, starts the chef. Matthias Marc. “It is especially the roots that are used in condiments in the dishes. I am going to give you my recipe which is a secret boot”, he adds. In one of his dishes with horseradish, the chef adds julienned beetroot, finely chopped and “taken in pickle broth”.

It is necessary to take “good raw cream”, to add grated horseradish that you are going to bring up. Then, you will season this raw cream. The horseradish “keeps going up”, so you have to be careful that it does not become too strong, says the chef. “It is quite easy to find. And it exists in jars“, concludes Matthias Marc.

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