We take our green asparagus without peeled them (if they are white, we must peel them) and we cut the stems. We take a small gratin dish that will go on the fire in which we put butter and we will color the asparagus. As soon as there is a slight coloration, we will deglaze with a white poultry stock for the first time. Let reduce, and re-wet a second time, checking with the tip of a knife that the asparagus is cooked. They must be tender but still a little crunchy (it will take a little longer for white asparagus.

Once the asparagus are cooked, we remove them from the gratin dish, and with the cooking juice that remains, we will reduce it, we will whip it a little more in butter and we will add parmesan shavings.

We put the asparagus in a deep plate and cover it with the cooking juice. And we go under the grill by adding parmesan on top and we let brown well.

Listen again to the program devoted to Alsace asparagus below, in the company of Pierre Weller, chef of the hotel-restaurant and spas la source des Sens in Morsbronn les bains