Recipe: Diamonds with vanilla –

(Relaxnews) – For 3 sticks of 250g – Preparation: more than 1h – Cooking: 15 min

100 g of Charentes-Poitou AOP butter
40 g icing sugar
3 vanilla pods
50 g of fleur de sel
2 egg yolks (10 g)
110 g flour
Crystal sugar (enough quantity)

– Mix the butter with the icing sugar.

– Extract the vanilla seeds with the back of the knife (keep the pods to perfume a milk for example) and incorporate them into the mixture.

– Pour the yolks, then the flour and the fleur de sel.

– Form a 250g regular pudding.

– Let stand for 1 hour, then brown with a brush and roll in the crystal sugar.

– Cut 1 cm slices, place on a plate and bake at 160 ° C for 15 minutes.

Serve with a delicious strawberry jam from Prin.

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