Recipe: Barbecued veal chop, Kalamata olives and candied lemon, grilled zucchini and vinaigrette to –

(Relaxnews) – For 4 people – Preparation: 25 min – Cooking: 25 min

4 veal chops
1 candied lemon
100 g Kalamata olives
1 kg zucchini
20 g minced new onions
100 g apricots, cut in 8
30 g candied tomatoes
1/2 green Zebra tomato
1/2 pineapple tomato
1/2 beef heart tomato
10 g fresh verbena
Lemon juice + zest
3 cl olive oil
1 g Espelette pepper
3 g of fine salt

– Cut the veal chops in 5 places 1 cm deep. Garnish the incisions with a brunoise lemon confit and Kalamata olives and cook for 10 minutes on each side on the barbecue.

– Cut the zucchini in bevels, grill them for 4 minutes on each side on the barbecue and set aside.

– Cut all the tomatoes into 2 cm by 2 cm cubes and set aside. Prepare the tomato-apricot dressing by mixing oil, lemon juice, zest, onions, Espelette pepper, apricots, verbena and salt. And pour it over the tomatoes.

* A recipe from chef Julien Duboué

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