Read these tips to travel to the Barranquilla Carnival without spending too much

Vendedoras de bollo Carnaval Barranquilla 590x443 - Read these tips to travel to the Barranquilla Carnival without spending too much

This year, the Carnival of Barranquilla – masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity according to UNESCO – promises a wide agenda of activities for all tastes.

For four days, from February 22 to 25, the streets of the city of “la Arenosa” become the epicenter of a party in which joy and creativity flow to the sound of maracas and drums.

Undoubtedly, living the excitement and tradition of carnival is invaluable. In that sense, the high demand that is registered during that time in Barranquilla motivates that the prices of the different services increase, affecting the budget that may have been defined for a possible trip.

With this in mind, redBus, the world's leading platform in the sale of bus tickets on the Internet available at, has considered seven recommendations to make the most of the carnival without involving excessive spending.

"Those interested in traveling to the carnival can take advantage of some of our promotions to buy their bus tickets," said Luisa Galvis, Regional Marketing Manager of redBus Latam.

1. Accommodation in advance. It is best to travel having a place to stay. The Internet offers several alternatives to have a space in Barranquilla during the days of travel. It is likely that if you expect to arrive to find where to stay, prices are up to six times higher.

2. To the carnival by bus. In addition to making it possible to enjoy the natural wonders of Colombia, traveling by bus to Barranquilla is a very economical option. Platforms such as redBus allow you to compare prices of the different companies that provide services to the city, and thus buy the tickets that are ideal according to the defined budget.

3. Better official entries. It is now possible to purchase tickets to the boxes or the coronation of the Carnival Queen online. So it is better to buy them soon (because they sell out quickly) and in advance. Those found on the street may not be true (and lose money) or have exorbitant prices.

4. Enjoy from public roads. In case you want more savings, there are spaces in the street where you can rent a chair or stand without paying. But, for this, you must arrive very early because the spaces tend to get congested soon.

5. Choose local public transport. It is better to move around the city using taxis or buses since finding parking can be annoying and impossible due to the closing of streets.

6. Bring the necessary. Before going to the boxes it is important to make sure you wear the essentials: comfortable and cool casual clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses and a “vueltiao” hat. This will avoid last minute purchases at increased prices.

7. Round trip always. When traveling to Barranquilla by bus it is better to buy the return ticket along with the one-way ticket. So you can save on possible price increases and enjoy the event with ease.

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