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Adapt or die … this Darwinian theory holds true in the jungle as well as in the corporate world. Land Rover managers got it. So, they adapt with the integration into their ranges of plug-in hybrid engines in addition to gasoline or diesel versions. So three electrified Range Rovers (Classic, Sport and Evoque) and Discovery Sport are already available. Logic: with an ecological penalty of 20,000 euros for the purchase of almost all its 100% thermal engines, as well as a Company Vehicle Tax (TVS) of an annual amount of nearly 3,900 euros, sales prospects businesses and individuals alike have become virtually nil.

A very attractive tax system

It is for this reason that the British brand began its transformation by adopting a broad hybridization of its models. Result: on a Range Rover Sport, the final price difference between the petrol version and the equivalent hybrid version is more advantageous by more than 5,000 euros for the electrified version. In addition, hybridization increases power, reduces the fuel bill and offers very attractive taxation: reduced registration card, exemption from TVS. The Range Rover P400e has 100 additional horsepower compared to the 300 of the Si4 2.0i version; this with an average consumption of 3.3 liters in the combined cycle, against 9.6 for the thermal version.

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To drive, these additional horses offer on road and motorway lightning starts, recoveries and accelerations. The combined power of the heat engine and the electric allow the 2.5-ton machine (without the passengers) to achieve 0 to 100 in 6.7 seconds. It’s just as good as a Golf GTI in modern cars, or a Jaguar E Type or Ferrari 250 GT in older cars. In all-electric mode, the batteries offer (according to our statement) a real range of 38 kilometers. Largely sufficient for everyday travel, they can be recharged in two hours on a terminal and in one night on a domestic socket. As for equipment, a Range Rover is still a Range Rover. If, originally, it symbolizes the "gentleman farmer" (leather, thick carpet, hi-fi, air conditioning …), it is distinguished by many (and expensive) options …

The detail

Land Rover has developed a "leisure key" which comes in the form of a bracelet. It not only allows you to lock and unlock the SUV, but also to start it. Lightweight, this accessory is waterproof and impact resistant.

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