Ralbol, the administrative guide for students created by students

The "house that drives you crazy", in The 12 labors of Asterix : this is what the administrative procedures inspire in a good number of students who hear the waiting music of the CAF even in their nightmares.

Fed up, a little practical guide to student life, will perhaps make the daily life sweeter for those who are anxious about the administration, who need help but do not know where to look for it, or who are still unaware of certain nudges to which they are entitled!

Fed up, the administrative guide for students

Arthur and Joseph are 22 years old, they are students at Centrale Lyon, an engineering school. And it is to them that we owe Fed up, created by them, laid out and illustrated by three graphic designers who are also students – Juliette, Margot and Mathilde, in their second year at the Estienne school in Paris.

The project is the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule, which far exceeded its humble goal: € 838 was raised, a nice increase from the € 100 needed to start production! Here is a small trailer of Fed up, rich in references from pop culture ranging fromOSS 117 to the Léna Situations vlogs.

In 45 chapters, Fed up explains the main administrative procedures useful for student life, but not only: there are also tips for cooking, reminders on sexual health, travel tips, or even a tutorial on how to tie a tie!

The object was designed as a complete survival kit by and for the students. Arthur, co-creator of Fed up, answered madmoiZelle's questions.

The project Fed up, the survival kit by and for students

It all started with the fact that I had to redo my passport, because my studies include a stay abroad. It was a bit urgent, and in Lyon it took me two months to have an appointment at the town hall. With Joseph, I found a solution: go to a village ten minutes away, and get an appointment for the next day!

It amused us, and we figured there must be plenty of other tricks we didn't know. So we decided to look for them.

Good ideas often emerge from everyday life – they still have to be recognized and developed! This is what Arthur and Joseph did by creating Fed up and by choosing three of their peers to imagine the visual aspect, in order to keep a project 100% made by students.

But how to navigate the administrative jungle, and understand the procedures clearly enough to explain them in a didactic way?

The first step, of course, was to find the questions that we were going to answer. To do this, we created a questionnaire that was completed by more than a hundred students.

Then we had to find these famous answers. We drew on our personal experiences, then on government sites (which are very good, very comprehensive, but rather difficult to read, which sometimes makes them intimidating). We also spoke to professionals, especially for subjects on which we did not want to make any mistakes, since we also dealt with sensitive topics such as sexual harassment or contraception. There, for example, we interviewed a gynecologist, and had her reread the relevant passages.

By "professionals", I mean above all "people affected by the problem": to explain what the marauding is, we contacted volunteers who carry out as part of their associative commitment, for example.

Arthur and Joseph cared about create an accessible book, as educational as possible, with a tone that resembles them. The bet is successful! Fed up is full of good ideas, such as a QR Code that sends directly to the platform to request APLs, an excerpt from Balance your what Angèle to tackle sexual violence, and a myriad of little spades that make reading downright enjoyable – unbelievable but true, administrative doesn't have to be boring.

And the reactions are positive: “ A lot of people told us it spoke to them, that the tone we chose worked », Arthur confides to MadmoiZelle. Hence the success of the project on Ulule! And besides, why this crowdfunding?

We approached publishing houses and found one. But in the print edition, the processes are very long – counting more than six months for a book – so we could not have put Ralbol on sale for the start of the September.

We are student entrepreneurs, we have this desire to carry our own projects. So we decided to put Ralbol in crowdfunding first, so that it could be released in the fall of 2020. And if all goes well, it will also be available in bookstores in the spring-summer 2021.

You have until September 11, 2020 to support Fed up on Ulule! A participation of 17 € is enough to receive the book; shipments will start as soon as the crowdfunding ends, so delivery shouldn't take too long. After September 11, it will be possible to order Fed up on the Internet before its release in bookstores in mid-2021.

Last point: as the campaign exceeded 500% of its objective, Arthur and Joseph announced that 5% of the turnover will be donated to the Valentin Ribet Foundation, which fights against illiteracy and promotes access to education . A small solidarity reflex which is always a pleasure.

So, ready to have no more Fed up of student life?

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