A recipe to celebrate RADISH! A truly surprising and delicious recipe to accompany radishes and give them a festive air, but above all what I like about it is that it can also be the basis of other recipes *! For this recipe, I was inspired by that of ROSSINI, a fine gourmet and a fine cook, a radish madman who composed a piece for piano (little known piece, it’s true!) Entitled “Les Quatre Hors-d’oeuvre” »According to one of his recipes consisting of radishes, butter, anchovies and pickles. I composed this recipe in my own way, but no piano piece!

* A recipe to accompany radishes but also to spread on slices of bread. A recipe to which, if you add crushed cooked egg yolks, will produce mimosa eggs that are out of the ordinary and absolutely delicious. A recipe to spread on a hot piece of meat. A recipe to serve as an accompaniment to fish. A recipe for garnishing cored and cooked potatoes. A recipe for a potato salad (then add a little vinegar). A recipe to garnish a pie (then add 1 egg per person to the preparation). It’s up to you to imagine other uses!

Per person :

1 cup prepared radishes

1 cup of drained capers

1 cup skinless salmon cut into small pieces (smoked or raw)

1 cup of fresh goat or cow or sheep cheese

1 tbsp of water

Put all the ingredients together in the blender jug ​​and mix until you obtain a smooth cream. Here it is, it’s ready and I assure you this preparation is really delicious, it is available in different ways *

Nice cuisine to all, Régine