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A further drop of 12% due to damage

A budget of 26 million linked to 80 km / h

bilan recettes radars automatiques - Radars are no longer successful - Le Repaire des MotardsSince their introduction on the edges of French roads in 2003, automatic radars have continued to develop, both in number and technically speaking, to "flash" more and more offenses. But now, while the automated sanction control systems had generated more than one billion euros in 2017, revenues have continued to decline since.

For the first time since their inception, radars had thus experienced a first drop in their revenue in 2018, with still 864.4 million euros. Emmanuel Barbe, the interministerial delegate for Road Safety at the time, then blamed this decline on the degradation perpetrated by the yellow vests at the end of the year.

2019 having been very largely marked by social movements, the results were even more impacted, as evidenced by the number of violations noted, which is also decreasing. Thus, all automatic radars brought in only 760 million euros to the State last year, a further decline of 12%.

bilan recettes radars automatiques 3 - Radars are no longer successful - Le Repaire des Motards
Evolution of the State's financial effort and revenue from automatic radars

Allocation of revenue

86.8% of the 2019 revenues were used to support road safety actions, whether by maintaining the fleet of radars or by financing infrastructure, the rest being attributed to the deleveraging of the State. The share of this last item has therefore been reduced compared to last year, from 20.9% of revenue to 13.2%.

bilan recettes radars automatiques attribution - Radars are no longer successful - Le Repaire des Motards
The share allocated to government debt was sharply reduced in 2019

In addition, as had been promised by Edouard Philippe, the surplus revenue from radars linked to the lowering of the speed limit to 80 km / h on the secondary network was transferred to the Modernization Fund for public health establishments. and private. This is an envelope of 26 million euros which has made it possible to finance various projects dedicated to improving the management of road accident victims.

bilan recettes radars automatiques affectation - Radars are no longer successful - Le Repaire des Motards
Allocation of automatic speed camera revenue for 2019

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