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Ferrari for the moment maintains its appeal in the case Racing Point, but does not rule out withdrawing it if the FIA ​​proposes a clarified and final version of the regulations for 2021. Last month, Racing Point was fined 15 points in the constructors' championship as well as a € 400,000 fine, the commissioners considering that the design process of its brake scoops, inspired by Mercedes, did not comply with the 2020 texts. On the other hand, the parts can continue to be used on the pink single-seater every Grand Prix weekend, without this being sanctioned beyond a simple reprimand.

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In the wake of the verdict, several teams first confided their intention to appeal, before Mclaren, Williams and Renault do not finally backtrack. Today, there is only Ferrari which still contests the merits of the case on appeal. An appeal that Racing Point also made against the sanction imposed on it.

Reacting to this case that has shaken the paddock since the beginning of the year about copying between teams, the FIA ​​has promised to change the regulations to ban certain practices, in particular reverse-engineering from photographs. The process – which therefore convinced McLaren, Renault and Williams – is still ongoing, before being submitted for ratification by the World Motor Sport Council. Once the text is approved, Ferrari could withdraw its appeal.

"We have confirmed our appeal against the stewards' decision at the last Grands Prix", explains Mattia Binotto, director of Ferrari. "The reason for this is that we are fully convinced that what Racing Point has done this season is not correct. We believe that this goes against the principle of our sport, and that it can no longer happen at future. In this regard, we ask for clarity from the FIA. Whether the regulations are in place, or that there is a technical guideline for the future that allows us to be almost certain that 'it will be impossible to copy, we are ready to withdraw our appeal. "

For Ferrari, the problem is not trying to imitate a team but comes from using the same intellectual property. The Italian manufacturer absolutely wants this possibility to be ruled out.

"Watching the competitors, trying to understand what they are doing, studying their car, it's part of the history of F1", he assures. “I don't see anything wrong with that. I believe copying a complete design is something different, because it's intellectual property. If I was Mercedes, I would have complained about seeing someone m 'had copied. Taking pictures has always been done, I don't see anything wrong with that. "

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