June 6, 2021 11:13

The Queen of the Netherlands announced that one of the foundations they sponsor will work on mental health issues for the next few years.

Queen Máxima revealed her project for the next 10 years: the family history that motivated her to do so
Queen Máxima revealed her project for the next 10 years: the family history that motivated her to do so

The Queen Maxima from Holland indicated that, on the occasion of their 50 years, they decided to dedicate the next decade to working to improve the situation of many people “psychologically vulnerable”.

In 2018, Ines Sorreguieta, younger sister of Queen Máxima, committed suicide in Argentina. Inés was Máxima’s favorite and the 13 years of difference that separated them were the common denominator that brought them closer and that had made the Queen of Holland take her as her protégé as a child. Their relationship was so deep that Máxima chose her as the godmother of her youngest daughter, Ariane, born in 2007 in The Hague.

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Recently, in an extensive interview, the Queen spoke for the first time in depth on this topic. He did it before turning 50, at which time He confessed that the issue of his sister’s health had been a “taboo” for his family. “We did not know exactly what his diagnosis was,” acknowledged Máxima in a live talk that was seen by about 4 million people. There he recognized that “Inesita” suffered from depression and personality disorder.

Inés Zorreguieta at the baptism of the youngest daughter of Queen Máxima
Inés Zorreguieta at the baptism of Ariane, the youngest daughter of Queen Máxima.

“If someone in your family commits suicide, you not only feel sadness and frustration, there are many other things. Fear, sadness, shame It is much more complicated than a natural death. We did a lot, the whole family, but there is always the question of having been able to do something more ”, revealed Máxima.

Surely the family history of the Queen of Holland led her to make the decision to work on mental health issues. The announcement was made in a talk given through Oranje Fonds, the foundation that sponsors the royal couple of the Netherlands. The new program is part of the themes they will work on in the next decade, dedicating the first three years to develop a plan to support 80 initiatives of different volunteers that allow to assist psychologically vulnerable people in their recovery and their reincorporation into society.

Turning 50 means something. This is a good time to think: what do I want to do in the next decade? I want to put all my energy into this for the next ten years”Assured the Queen from the Noordeinde Palace.

In this way, Netherlands They join the monarchs of Great Britain, where some years ago Prince William announced that the foundations they finance would work to improve the situation of people with mental health problems. In both cases, the theme is related to stories within families that for decades tried to stay hidden.

Máxima Zorreguieta broke the silence and spoke about the suicide of her sister Inés

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