ACB News, “Australia Finance Online”, April 7th Qantas announced on Tuesday that after the launch of isolation-free travel between Australia and New Zealand on April 19, it will arrange 122 round-trip flights a week on 15 routes. This means that the company’s capacity between the two countries has returned to 83% of the capacity before the epidemic.

Qantas said that although relevant parties have called for the opening of routes from Australia to Southeast Asian countries as soon as possible, it is expected that in the next six months, New Zealand will be the only destination allowed for international flights in Australia.

Qantas also welcomes the opening of isolation-free travel between the two countries, saying that this will not only mean that Qantas can rebuild its international network, but also help reunite family and friends, and create a new start for more people to travel. Condition.

Reference source: Australian Financial Review

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