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Visa 1. Visa Type

Visitors to Australia can apply for an Australian visitor visa (subclass 600). Category 600 visas allow applicants to travel to Australia or engage in business visitor activities.

2. Visa application

You can apply for an Australian visa directly to the Australian Visa Application Centre in China ( AVAC for short) Submit a visa application.

Validity and stay

Visitors can apply for multiple round trip visitor visas valid for one, three or ten years, with each stay generally lasting three, six or twelve months.

Visa fees

Ordinary tourist visa: 730 yuan

Ten-year sign: 5380 yuan

Service fee: 190 yuan service fee + 50 yuan courier fee

Sign out time

According to official statistics, 97.3% of visitor visa applications are completed within 10 working days, and 88.7% of applications are completed within 5 working days.

Do you need an interview: No interview required

Procedures 1. Prepare visa application materials

Please see the details below for the required materials. You can also prepare the required materials for the visa according to the requirements of the Australian Visa Center China website.

2.Submit materials

After visa materials are prepared, applicants can submit materials in three ways:

3. I submit 4. Application by post

The materials to be prepared will be mailed to the Australian Visa Centre of the consular district. And pay by China Post bill of exchange, but also pay an extra 50 yuan express delivery fee.

5. Apply online (recommended)

In addition to submitting applications and mailing applications in person, applicants can also fill in online forms, upload electronic materials, and submit visitor visas. The service fee for this service is slightly more expensive, which is 220 yuan, and a postage delivery fee of 50 yuan is also required .


If you are having difficulty filling out the online form, the Australian Visa Centre also provides an online application to assist in filling out the form. The service fee is 200 RMB.

6, query progress

You can log in to the official website of the Australian Visa Application Centre to check the visa application process at any time.

Required materials 1. Basic information

All applicants must provide

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Because Australia has streamlined the visa process for Chinese citizens visiting Australia, applicants do not need to submit original passports to the Visa Centre.


Applicants are required to provide a passport-sized photo with a photo size of 45 mm x 35 mm and a white background photo showing the head and shoulders. If submitting your application at AVAC, please attach a photo to the first page of the application form.


Applicants are required to provide two copies of the latest passport's personal material pages, one of which should be a color copy; if the applicant is going to Australia for the first time, a passport signature page and all visa labels and immigration stamp A color copy of the seal or signed passport page.

4. Hukou Book

A copy of the account page of all members in the account book where I am located. If it is a collective account, provide the collective account home page and personal page.

Funding information (optional)

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5.Other materials

Serving officers

The working person is required to provide a work certification letter stating their position and salary income level, working years, leave permits, and the name and contact information of the person who issued the certificate.

Company owner

The company owner must provide a copy of the company's business license.


Student applicants must provide proof of enrollment issued by the school.

Applicants under 18 years of age

Applicants under the age of 18 must provide a copy of the birth certificate, which should show the names of both the child and parents, and a copy of the parents' marriage certificate.

Visa Center Beijing Visa Center Shanghai Visa Center Guangzhou Visa Center Chengdu Visa Center Fill in the entry card

When the plane is about to reach its destination, the airline lady on the plane will issue you an entry card in Chinese or English. You can choose one to fill in according to your needs, but all the contents are required to be written in English. It includes some personal information that needs to be filled in, such as name, passport number, flight number, Australian address and some simple questions (all required to be filled in English). There are three columns on the reverse side, you only need to fill in one. Fill in Box A if you are a new immigrant to Australia, fill in Box B if you are a short-term tourist or study, and fill in Box C if you are an Australian resident returning to Australia.

custom declaration

Australia prohibits the entry of all meat, plant seeds, vegetables, fruits, eggs, animals and plants. If you bring any food, you must declare it regardless of type. Australia does not restrict the entry or exit of Australian dollars or foreign currencies, but if you bring in or out of more than 5,000 Australian dollars or equivalent foreign currency, you must declare on arrival, otherwise it is illegal. Every tourist over 18 years old can bring 1125 ml of wine without tax , 25 cigarettes. Back to Sohu, see more


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