Whether it taught us patience, resilience, or the ability to live in the present, the past year has been rich in emotions and, for some of us, achievements. At the dawn of 2021, two experts give us their opinion on a course that promises to be different from the others.

Ellen De Meester

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“In the future, we could try to keep in mind what we missed most in 2020, in order to fully savor what will be possible again, when the crisis subsides. This will undoubtedly allow us to live these beautiful moments more consciously, to spend less time in autopilot mode. ” – Chloé Décosterd, psychologist and psychotherapist FSP

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The New Year is the countdown, champagne, good resolutions, brand new agendas just waiting to be completed. It is the feeling that one chapter closes on the promise of another, a wind of renewal, sweeping away past mistakes. Usually, that’s how we imagine it … but not in 2020, because the coronavirus does not really care about our calendar and the pandemic marathon is not yet over. So the annual blank page already looks a bit crumpled.

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