Psychology – The kiss knows everything about your relationship

Kissing, a barometer of the romantic relationship and a partner's magic potion? Affirmative, suggests a Japanese study, which even sees it as therapy.

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Sex therapist Romy Siegrist describes the kiss as "dancing with the other". If the partner is no longer in the rhythm, if he lacks enthusiasm or commitment, it is because, somewhere, he is also a little elsewhere.


The first kiss with Chouchou or Loulou, we remember, yes. But the second, then the third? A little less. Until it becomes part of the everyday landscape and becomes a reflex, an automatism, always cute, certainly, but hardly noticeable. During this time, we ensure the quality of relationships in bed, access to pleasure, equality before the orgasm of both partners, as if sex were the only body-to-body to pamper and the key arch of the couple's satisfaction. "It's true, kissing is ultimately almost a bit taboo in stable relationships," says Romy Siegrist, sexologist at SexoraxiS. This is something that couples rarely talk about, they rarely question the degree of satisfaction it gives them and the role it is invested in. Kissing when we're together is just taken for granted. "

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