Isolation. Lack of socialization. And the carelessness of the college years that flies away. For a year, the daily life of students has been shaken up. Some have dropped out or even dropped out facing the embarrassment of distance learning. “When you are far from your family, the situation is really not easy,” says a student, interviewed on the Orléans campus a few weeks ago.

Good deals and great initiatives to make life easier for students in Orléans

Fortunately, there are several initiatives to help students get through this crisis for a long time. Confide in, externalize your ailments… So many things that are essential to leave the daily gloom. Recently installed on the Orléans campus, in the premises of the science amphitheatres, the individualized reception of students (Help) is a first step in this direction. “We can redirect students who wish to two university psychologists. It is a device put in place for a few weeks which is effective “, underlines Frédéric Moal, project manager against student precariousness at the University of Orleans.

Alternative medicine can help

Other methods, around alternative medicine, are offered to students by specialists who invest themselves in bringing comfort. This is the case of Christine Frarin, reflexologist in Orléans, who offers free sessions for students, in her office or at home. “Reflexology stimulates the reflex networks, from the arch of the foot to the brain. This practice makes it possible to reduce stress and anxiety“, details the specialist.

“Break free and relax”

The Orleans Hypnosis Club also organized sessions, outdoors, on campus. “But since the third confinement, we can no longer go there“, regrets Gwendoline Thomas-Bidoux, vice-president of the Club d’hypnose d’Orléans. By contacting the hypnotherapists of Loirétains on their Facebook page, it is still possible to benefit from a free session to” free yourself “and” relax “. Similar initiative, the network of practitioners Médoucine offers a free session of alternative medicine to the students. Two hundred specialists are mobilized everywhere in France on this operation, which can be carried out as well remotely as in office.

Christine Frarin offers a free reflexology session to students affected by the health crisis in order to “support“and their”smile again“. To benefit from a free session, you just need to have a student card and contact Christine Frarin at Mobile, the Orleans reflexologist can come to your home or receive you in her office located at 73 rue de Patay, in Orléans.

Nicolas Bontron