Did we think of the nonsense reserved for "stupid" people? Mistake. A high I.Q. does absolutely not prevent aberrant behavior. Examples…

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A situation more common than you might think … and often due to an optimistic bias.


Having a high intelligence quotient can help you get a good education, get interesting and cool jobs … or easily solve Sudoku puzzles. But that doesn't stop you from making stupid decisions. Nor to think or act aberrantly. Because if there is one thing that all humans share, it is the ability to behave like a jerk. And this, whatever his I.Q.

In fact, as the professor of psychology at Collège Saint-Michel and scientific collaborator at the University of Friborg Yves-Alexandre Thalmann points out, even if one is endowed with advanced cognitive abilities, one does not always correctly assess the pros. / against, the benefits / drawbacks of such and such behavior. He adds, "Working in this field, I can cite a number of people clearly belonging to the high potential category who engage in stupid acts." Certainly. But how to understand this paradox?

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