Luck is a matter of luck. Some have more than others. Can luck then be provoked? Flavie Flament discusses it with David. David is 28 years old and thinks there is no such thing as luck for him. “Bad luck, on the other hand, does exist,” said the young man.

“I broke down 3 years ago, and my girlfriend calls me and says ‘we have to talk’, I learn that she has been dating someone else for 4 months. have a good day, we can’t do better, ”he quipped. Personal and professional galleys ensue and bad luck persists …

For Emilie Devienne, coach accredited, “Taking things on the good side is more difficult for some than for others. Luck has two main strands. There is pure luck, and luck is through skill. But sometimes, even pure luck can go wrong, we see it in particular with the winners of the lottery. It happens that some become unhappy “.

The worst things can have staggering benefits.

Luck can therefore become bad luck if one does not have the idea of ​​cultivating it. For Philippe Gabilliet, professor of psychology at ESCP Business School, “the characteristic of human life is the unexpected. If we don’t have ups and downs, that means that we are dead “.

Even the worst things can have staggering benefits. For the Cartesian, there is no such thing as luck, and “to be lucky” means nothing. Each time the lotto balls are thrown, all combinations have a probability of coming out. If some win, it is simply due to chance. To win the lottery is to experience an event among several possible millions. In the scientific sense, this should not happen. However, it is customary to say that luck is provoked …

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– Emilie Devienne, accredited coach, author of ” Savourons le silence ” at Eyrolles.

Let's savor the silence
Let’s savor the silence

– Philippe Gabilliet, professor of psychology at ESCP Business School. Speaker and spokesperson for the Ligue des Optimistes de France. Author of “Praise of Luck: Learning to Seize the Opportunities of Life” published by J’ai Lu.

Praise of luck
Praise of luck

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